The most EPIC live wedding band music in Melbourne and beyond!

LARK Music proudly stands as the pinnacle of live wedding band music in Melbourne and greater Victoria. Our unique group of stand out talent have been performing music with each other for years leaving in their wake an unparalleled combination of riveting and memorable performances, unwavering professionalism, exceptional musicianship, and unmatched adaptability. We don’t just play wedding band music; we craft unforgettable party experiences, leaving you with cherished memories that last a lifetime. 

We know great wedding music.

What makes us so sure? With a commitment to musical excellence, our musicians pour their heart and soul into every performance, ensuring each note resonates with passion and precision. What sets us apart from your typical “wedding music agency” is that we aren’t one! While we offer a range of line-up options, we are owned and run by musicians who have built a strong musical connection and reputation over the years that can cater to your unique musical tastes and budgetary considerations. Whether you envision a mix of vocalists and specific instrumentation in your dream band or one better suited for an intimate gathering, LARK Music will make your wedding day truly exceptional, leaving you and your guests with smiles, applause, and cherished memories of a perfect celebration.

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Wedding band packages for everyone.

Our ever popular wedding band packages cater to a diverse range of musical tastes, ensuring every couple finds the perfect soundtrack for their special day.

Live Band Reception Music

The unparalleled talent of our musicians allows for adaptable band line-up’s, perfectly suited to create the best live music atmosphere and entertainment at your wedding reception. 

Deluxe-ness Package

Experience complete musical coverage with beautifully performed acoustic music to riveting live band performances, all at excellent prices that won’t break the bank.

Little Bit of Everything Package

A music lovers dream! Seamlessly blending acoustic elegance, electrifying live band performances, and DJ expertise, ensuring a diverse range of music styles all delivered at the highest quality for your special day.

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