Planning an event can be tricky business, and after hundreds of gigs under our belt, we’ve grown accustomed to some regular questions. Before you contact us, have a read below… It’s highly likely we’ve come across your scenario before.

To book us, get in touch through our Book Now page, directly via email or phone to check our availability. If you’re keen to secure a date you can pay a minimum deposit and work out the details after attending one of our showcases. Once the details and quote are finalised, you will be asked to pay a 40% deposit with two further instalments of 30% due 2 months and 2 weeks out from your event. The band lineup is not confirmed until you pay our deposit. Once paid, you will then receive our terms and conditions (of which there are few) and the login details for your own online profile. This is where you can share all the information about your event with us – think special requests, running sheets, venue address etc. So high tech! About one to two months from your event date, you will be contacted to start finalising your song requests and run sheet. Two weeks out from your event date, all of your details are to be finalised and no further changes can be made.

We offer a range of band sizes to suit all budgets and venue sizes.

When choosing your band size, keep in mind that having both female and male vocals will add to the repertoire and that a bigger band will have more visual impact, be more lush sounding but not necessarily louder. Unless you’re booking a 2 piece (duo), every band will feature drums and bass, with a guitarist and/or keyboard player who will also double as male lead vocals. From this 3 piece lineup you can add female vocals, keys, sax, trombone, trumpet and/or latin percussion. If you book a band that features all these things.. you are a truly great human and the band will be ridiculously great. A 9 piece band has all the trimmings that any event over 200 people will need. No genre is out of reach and next level partying is guaranteed. If you’re after a proper band sound but don’t have much space or are tight on funds, a 4-5 piece band will be great. These are our most popular band lineups, featuring both male and female vocals, with an addition of sax or keys. The booking of a 2 piece, outside of one of our Duo/DJ packages, is restricted to weddings of less than 50 people and covers ceremony and 3 x 45 mins of music over 4 hours.

All of our bands feature at least one male singer, but the addition of a female vocalist can open up a whole range of fantastic tunes not performed by the guys. Think Beyonce or Whitney Houston. A minimum 4-piece, preferably 5 piece band or larger is required for a female vocalist, and can also perform in an acoustic duo pre-reception if requested. Ultimately, the choice is all yours and we can get the party started in any lineup.

Lark Music’s song list has a range of tunes from a variety of genres for people of all ages. We’re very attuned to what the crowd is feeling and pride ourselves on being able to choose the right songs at the right time for maximum impact and atmosphere. From our extensive experience we find that a laid back, volume sensitive vibe is great for early in the evening, then we build the pace and intensity of the music by reading the crowd and making sure that dance floor is filled. We are all about our performance reflecting your personality, so we are more than open to a few dance floor suggestions and of course we are happy to learn your bridal dance, entry and farewells songs. Check out our song list for some inspiration!

We are more than happy to facilitate the playing of traditional cultural music – tarantella, zorba etc.

We have gotten our setup down to a fine art. We’ll arrive with plenty of time (usually around one hour before the booking start time) and be ready to go 15 mins prior to start time. We don’t do big loud sound checks, so fret not!

All Lark Music band bookings for wedding receptions/parties are based on a booking period up to 5 hours, with a maximum playing time of 180 minutes. We suggest 2 sets of classy background music over meals and mingling, before we play 2  epic sets of dance music. We can tailor a booking to whatever you need, just ask.


Yes, high quality sound equipment is provided by the band and you will have no issues with bad sound, feedback (squealing mic) or silence at any point. As a rule, we do not bring lights. If you would like lighting for the band and dance floor we can assist you with a quote. For weddings, please keep in mind that LED lighting can interfere with photography.. especially for bridal dances.

We do ask that you feed us. Gigs can go for a long time! Just a decent main meal and drinks is fine.

We are more than happy to travel anywhere… In fact, we love a road trip. Additional travel fees are applied for events taking place outside our metro Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide travel free zones. We want to be the mixtape for your journey, whether it’s in steamy far Byron Bay, North Queensland, Bali, Thailand or the tropical South Pacific. Lark have specific package prices for OS weddings, but for all events close to home, we love an adventure, so feel free to give us a call to discuss.

2 piece – 2.5x4m 3 piece – 4x5m 4 piece – 4x5m 5 piece – 5x5m 6 piece – 5x6m. For bands up to 4 piece we require at least one power outlet to be close by. For band 5 piece or larger, at least two power sources should be supplied. We need power to be no more than 10 metres from the performance area. Upon request, we can perform at ceremonies in secluded spots, with portable power.

Yes and yes! We love Jewish weddings for the unique energy and celebration they have.

Upon request, we can organise a wireless microphone at an additional fee.

Our included MCing covers basic announcements, i.e bridal dance, cake cutting and final song, which will be done from the band microphone. It does not include time schedule management, introduction of bridal party entrances, speeches, wrangling guests, etc. For an additional fee we can provide an MC service to cover this. 

OMG. This is the age old question, and one that may not be anwered in our llifetime. At Lark Music we’ve gone with the idea that both is better than neither. Having said that… the grand visual and energy of a live band is incredible, whereas the right DJ (one of ours) can select from thousands of tunes and set a party on fire… plus you request heaps of sings and stuff.

We book real DJs. A DJ has real skill; they mix, they read the faces of every crowd member, they employ a range of fantastic dance moves designed to engage and enrapture any audience. For a discounted package, we can most definitely let you play your own playlists (or even one of ours) through our sound system if that’s your vibe.

Don’t stress! We know planning any event is hard work and often stressful, we do this all the time. So let us take care of all things music and you take care of enjoying yourself!