The Team

Our oh-so-friendly team of music-making, event planning gurus, will help you book the best performers around. With the help of our mega-simple online planning tool to manage your event schedule, song requests and instalment payments, the booking team will help you with all the finer details in the build up to the big event. Get in touch now for world-class entertainment and stress-free planning.


Band Boss / Vibe Merchant

Luke is the Lark OG, having started our crew back in 2012. Luke has serenaded crowds around the world and does a mean version on ‘You’re the Voice’ by Farnesy.


Qld & Northern NSW Bookings Guru

Nick’s party starting credential rest somewhere between Van Wilder and that kid Corey from Today Tonight. Nick is one half of one of Australia’s most popular DJ duos (Ssssh.. it’s a secret), and has lit up the dance floor of mucho weddings.


SA and Tassie Bookings Guy

Ry dog is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist extraordinaire. If Ryan is in your band.. you’ve struck it lucky. Ryan spends his time cruising between Adelaide and Hobart rocking out at lush affairs, but when not on the road he’s probably writing some beautiful poetry or brewing some kind of exotic tea with his dog Barkley. Ryan is one of the most pleasant humans you’ll ever chat to. Test the theory and send him an email now.


Qld & Northern NSW Bookings Guru

The friendliest, most organised and energetic vocalist in all of Brisvegas, Claire is one of our stand-out Lark vocalists, our resident social media expert and meme lord. Claire is also an incredible jazz artist and cabaret performer in her spare time. Claire loves pilates and dogs…. probably too much.



Victorian Booking Boss

Travis is an incredible drummer, has toured the world with some pretty rad bands and is now Lark’s resident nice guy and booking manager for Victoria. Managing our weddings across Victoria is a mean feat of organisation, and Trav will ensure your big day is planned to the minute.