Lark on Tour – Stevie and Davi in Paradise

Lark on Tour – Stevie and Davi in Paradise

April 12, 2016

Lark Music had a pretty amazing 2015. We got taken to a lot of spectacular places and have met some equally spectacular brides, grooms and guests (tough gig, we know).

The inherent nature of an industry centered around ‘The best day of your life’ is always going to be that it’s overflowing with jaw dropping locations, decadence in abundance and general v.good vibes. Sometimes.. we find ourselves involved in an event that really just has us pinching ourselves.

One such wedding took place in veritable paradise, on the rooftop of one of the worlds most esteemed wedding venues, Sri Panwa, Phuket. Guests and band members alike were caught up in an atmosphere of some kind of untouchable, sparkling weekend long party.

Stevie and Davi came across a video online of Luke and Frankie (that’s me), having a jam in the backyard and decided that the vibe was exactly what they were after for their big day. After Stevie and Luke formed an initial (and still unwavering) bromance, they got to working out some of the finer details like their bridal dance, to Ray La Montagne’s ‘Shelter’ (tear-jerker alert). Minimal amount of negotiation was required to bring a killer (if we say so ourselves) four-piece band out for the big day.

Then it was just a matter of getting to know and work with the divine girls at ‘Take us to Thailand’ – premier event organisers and any couple’s secret weapon for making real magic happen for a Thailand wedding. A destination affair is something a lot of Aussie couples aren’t sure is a possibility, but if you’re working with ‘Take us to Thailand’ the logistics are taken care of by the experts. They will navigate each and every little detail. Not to mention their long standing partnerships with a large number of South East Asia’s best luxury resorts and companies – hello #VIPlyf

That Saturday on the rooftopoverlooking the Cape Panwa Peninsula, surrounded by smiles, tropical flowers and tears (some from myself, notorious romantic and wedding crier), was everything a wedding should be about. Stevie and Davi and their guests very quickly came to feel more like a crew of very joyful and glamorous new friends. The dance floor was an unstoppable blur and the happy couple simply lit up the room wherever they were.

Being the soundtrack to a wedding like that is something the band will never forget, from the festival-esque party numbers, to the little moments during a slow song under some fairy lights and a bit of tropical rain.

Gearing up for Thailand 2016 – make sure you follow our tropical adventures on Instagram @larkmusic – #larkontour, (although if it’s a particularly cold October, apologies in advance for the workplace envy!)

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