Lark Music’s Q&A with Melbourne Events Group

Lark Music’s Q&A with Melbourne Events Group

July 18, 2014

Luke from Lark Music this week was asked to be interviewed for the ‘Ask the Expert’ section of the Melbourne Events Group’s seasonal newsletter. Lark Music are a preferred supplier for the Melbourne Events Group who are responsible for some of Melbourne’s most magnificent wedding and event venues. Read on for some inspiration.

I love being an expert in entertainment. My name is Luke O’Connor and as the band leader and booking manager for Lark Music, one of Melbourne’s busiest and most sought after special occasion bands, I could not imagine committing myself to anything more exciting or fulfilling than ensuring that the good people of this music city have the soundtrack they deserve for every special occasion.

What should you keep in mind when deciding on which musician to book for your wedding?

Songs, service and singer are the 3 S’s of choosing your dream band. At Lark Music we are hard working and creatively contributing members of Melbourne’s thriving music scene. When selecting your musicians, you want to make sure that they listen to what your vision is. Whether it’s your first dance or a song that brings all of your friends to the dance floor, it’s incredibly important to you that your special occasion reflects your personality, and a good band will know this. With this said, a professional musician will put you at ease with the knowledge that they have an extensive song list and the ability to choose the right songs at the right time, keeping every one of your guests entertained, start to finish. Melbourne is blessed with thousands of skilled musicians, but what will really set off the personality off your event, is the choice of singer. Whether you’re after someone unique, a jazz chanteuse or a husky rocker, Lark Music can cater for all tastes.

Does this differ if you are holding a corporate or end of year function?

In the last year Lark Music have played for Fairfax Media’s Christmas Party, the City 2 Sea VIP After Party and the Reach Foundation’s annual fundraiser amongst many others. With corporate clients, we understand that an extra level of care has to be taken. Whether it be liaising with event planners or planning spotlight performances, a good corporate band should know how to make a night go smoothly and add a little bit of that big stage showbiz to an event. With all that hard work done you want a band that is going to bond every guest in an atmosphere of celebration.

How far in advance do you suggest booking your musician? 

Saturday is the night. If you are after a Saturday booking, Lark Music are nearly booked up until the end of the year. Most reputable, popular bands in Melbourne are booking between 6 months and a year ahead, so get in quick! We have devised a clever little plan to have a demand based pricing structure. Meaning our prices shift based on the night of the week. This means good music at a great price!

What are your top three requested songs?

‘Happy’ by Pharrell has been a big hit with crowds over the last few months but the classics still win at the end of the day. The comfort and surefire dance floor fodder of the Beatles and Van Morrison are still strong enough to keep the Bruno Mars’s and Daft Punks at bay.

Top 3?

  • Saw Her Standing There – The Beatles
  • You’ve Got The Love – Florence and the Machine
  • Get Lucky – Daft Punk

Tips on how to choose the right music for your party?

The best thing about hiring a big band or DJ with heaps of experience and a price tag is that they should know what they’re doing. The ‘right’ music is a mix of songs that your guests and most importantly you love. Music for a special occasion shouldn’t be based on what you listen to whilst you’re going for a run, cleaning up your email inbox or washing the dishes, but music that you and all of your guests can appreciate whilst you celebrate!

Do you have a favourite bridal waltz song? Will you learn a song on client request?

My favourite bridal dance would have to be ‘At Last’ by Etta James. Before moving to Melbourne from Brisbane 10 years ago I had not played a lot of jazz music, but since then, I, and every couple I’ve played for have enjoyed this song. It’s simple, exultant and beautiful. It says everything a person needs to say when they’ve met their match. Our slogan is “Live music for special occasions. Designed by you” and we mean it. We learn heaps of new songs every week and are happy for the couple to select their own ceremony and bridal songs.

What is the most common misconception clients have about music for their event?

 That a DJ can replace a live band. I love DJs. I book DJs. I’m friends with DJs. But a DJ will never replace the sheer energy generated by a happening live band. They may have the world of songs at their feet, but so does my iPhone. I highly recommend getting both!