5 Wedding band myths debunked

5 Wedding band myths debunked

September 5, 2016

Let’s face it… wedding bands can get a bad wrap. We’re not all like the movies… example, “The Wedding Singer.” If you book a quality band and do your research you’ll be dancing all night long to the latest hits and the golden oldies.

Personalised live music really adds a whole new dimension to your special day and helps generate unforgettable moments and fond memories. It’s these lingering perceptions about the entertainment of yesteryear that is clouding the judgement of couples making decisions today.

Here at Lark music we want to have as much fun as you do and offer outstanding musical options for your special day or function.

Myth One: A live band would be way too loud

Yes… they can be however; a professional band won’t treat your special day like Big Day Out or Blues and Roots. This is not a festival. Well… maybe a festival of love *corny joke alert.

In reality the volume is dictated by your band’s sound team. The amount of members in a band won’t make it too loud for your guests. Having more band members will certainly give you the chance to have a huge range of diversity with the songs chosen and overall dynamics. Song choice is also a key component. The Dinner music set will not include bangers such as Horses and Shook me all night long unless it’s some sort of killer acoustic version.

A reputable band with capable and professional members will be able to work with you and also the venue to consider and abide to the volume limit.

Myth Two: Bands just play what they want and there is no variety


Simple. Ask for their song list and tunes that they are playing on a regular basis and maybe try and check out their next public gig or showcase. From the very start it is a good idea to ask how much input you can have with the song list.

Choose your songs for the following moments:

·         Bridal entry at ceremony

·         Signing of the registry

·         Bride and Groom exit at ceremony

·         Bridal party entrance to reception

·         Bride and Groom entrance to reception

·         Cutting of the cake

·         First dance

·         Bouquet toss

·         Etc etc.

Most reputable bands have an extensive list with a good mix of current tunes and golden oldies and maybe some originals if you are a fan. There may be additional costs if the band has to learn an extensive amount of songs specifically requested by you. It takes time and money to hire somewhere to rehearse and learn new repertoire.


Myth Three: The bigger the band the better

Look… I won’t lie… having a full orchestra would be amazing however, not realistic in most cases. It really comes down to the quality of musicians and their ability to execute the music they’re trying to perform.

Just don’t expect an electronic daft punk sound if you’ve booked a solo acoustic guitar player (unless they are using tracks).

Be realistic. Give an idea to the booking agent what sound you are wanting on the night and give examples. It will be a lot easier and clearer to lock in musicians if we have an overall idea on what sound and feel you are going for.

Myth Four: Bands won’t be able to make your favourite songs sound good.

Important advice here… don’t hire a professional Opera singer if you are wanting Pub rock (unless they also whip out pub rock tunes secretly) on your big day. Do your research and watch videos, ask the booker for advice on what the bands can deliver and attend showcases to get an overall vibe of what the band can provide.

If you hire a band going off absolutely no research and are bitterly disappointed that they aren’t banging out a Barnesy tune after an ACDC tune… it’s not the bands fault. (Well… I guess it can be if they are just a bunch of yes men/women)

Do. Your. Research and look at a tune list and any videos that are available and request specific songs well in advanced. It’s unfair to load them on a band whilst they a mid-set and yell abuse at them for not knowing it. It does take some preparation especially if you are dealing with a large band. We want to sound amazing just as much as you do.

Myth Five: Wedding bands are cheesy.

There are certainly some cheesy bands out there however, there are many bands that are out there keeping recent and doing some super cool stuff. Again, do your research. Everyone has a different taste in music… Just like they do with Cheese. Someone likes Camembert and you are more of a Jarlsberg fan. Someone might find a band super cheesy and you may love it!

A good idea is to go to your favourite club or restaurant/pub and approach the band if you are digging their sound. Most of the time they are working club / pub musicians and wedding musicians and would love to help out and cater a band to your needs.

I guess our biggest piece of advice here is to be open and honest from the start and do your research and ask as many questions as you want in regards to the repertoire. At the end of the day we want to be the right fit for your special function and have fun with you.