Wedding Band Stereotypes

Wedding Band Stereotypes

November 14, 2014

Wedding bands don’t have to be cheesy or play the same old tired 80s, hair rock classics… But sometimes they do!

Don’t get us wrong, there are a lot of really bad, cheesy wedding bands getting around. That’s one reason why we started our little collective.

We thought – “Hey! What kind of band would we want playing at our weddings?”

The answer was a exuberant band made up of the city’s best musicians and singers. Performers who knew the modern stuff, who were in tune with the Triple J crowd, but could also do songs that all age groups could enjoy.

Whilst you may see from our song list that we are a little progressive (I mean how many bands will play Bon Iver, Milky Chance or Paper Kites?), we have followed our own advice and are still dedicated to playing music that creates atmosphere, makes everyone feel loved and sees ties tied around groomsmen’s heads… That means unleashing a few classics that you didn’t even know that you loved.

I mean ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’, ‘Oh What a Night’, George Michael’s ‘Faith’… These songs are not uncool. These songs are the bedrock of any dance floor shenanigans! Whilst we will definitely not play anything that you hate, it’s just good to know that we can do it if required.

We love being the cool guys of the wedding band scene. We’ve been referred to as ‘unique’, ‘a little cool’, a ‘hipster wedding band’ even, but at the very Instagrammable heart of our little collective is an uncontrollable urge to impress upon all guests at any event we play, that tonight is about having a good time at all costs!

Whilst we move up the ranks quickly as one of the most booked Melbourne wedding bands and Brisbane wedding bands, we are as dedicated as ever to making sure that we play music that people want to hear and use our expertise to play music that gets everyone on the dance floor. We want our client’s glowing reviews and doing our job well make us genuinely happy. We are constantly updating our set list and adding new hits and old classics, whilst always working with our clients to create a bespoke soundtrack for a memorable night.

So in closing…

Let’s not be afraid of stereotypes, because let’s admit it, sometimes Bon Jovi is exactly what’s needed!

P.S. Yes, The Wedding Singer is an excellent movie and a favourite

P.P.S. For anyone looking for a wedding band with a difference, come check us out at Ideal Bride Expo (Melbourne), A Darling Affair (Brisbane) or One Fine Day (Melbourne)