About Us

LARK Music brings decades of experience as musicians and entertainers to every wedding and event.
Rest easy knowing you're in good hands

Who is LARK Music and how did they start? What makes them different from other “agencies”? Get to know more about Trav and the LARK Music family below.



Musician (Dummer) and Owner.

Hey there, I’m Travis, but please call me Trav! I’m Victorian born, raised up in the North/East but now living and working in Melbourne. Since moving here 15 odd years ago I’ve been lucky enough to work with and become close friends with some of Melbourne and Australia’s most talented musicians. One of whom I am blessed to call my wife (Jacinta). We now live in the west of Melbourne, work all across the country as musicians and have two incredible children who we absolutely adore! Who obviously love music too!

Seeing their love of music reminds me of my lifelong passion with music. Ever since I was a toddler I was strumming a tennis racket with a bread tag or thumping out grooves on an empty ice cream tub with wooden spoons. I just loved listening to and playing along with music. Never did I imagine I could play music for a living!

But, that’s how LARK started. As a small collective of musicians who are great friends with a passion for performing live music for people’s entertainment, in the hope of making a career out of it. However, moving into the world of weddings and events was daunting, as it’s filled with Big Agencies with (non-musician) sales personnel and marketing budgets that we know we couldn’t match. So, we decided to approach it the way we felt was genuine to us. Which was to use our expertise and talents as musicians and entertainers to gain the loyalty of venues, attention of event planners and word of mouth traction from amazing couples and clients who’ve booked us previously, to allow us to do this for a living. 

We are musicians from top to bottom who take great pride in our work, every performance for us has to be the best!

For those amazing couples and clients who continue to support us, I call them Larky’s, myself and the LARK Music family can’t thank you enough! We hope you decide to become a Larky too!

I look forward to chatting with you about your upcoming wedding or event.