Social Media(tion)

Social Media(tion)

March 14, 2017

We’ve performed at weddings more than you can shake a drum stick at! In this digital world, more and more couples are applying a strict “no social media” policy and we can understand why. The celebrant specifically asked before the ceremony commenced to please,

be in the moment and to put your phones away and on silent.

Makes sense.

This got us into an interesting band break discussion. What if the Bride and Groom don’t specify their social media and phone policy? And is this “policy” a thing?

We highly recommend thinking about a policy and outlining what your expectations are to control what goes out into the big wide world! Nothing worse than having random friends on your Facebook witnessing an amazing wedding before the Couple’s family who couldn’t make it from overseas.

We have found the best way is to have your celebrant remind everyone and to also design a sign that fits within your wedding decor that kindly reminds everyone to keep the use of social media to a minimum.

This mainly applies to photographing the Bride and Groom and any ceremony events. If you are taking a selfie amongst the beautiful backgrounds and surroundings that’s fine. Just don’t expose too much of such a personal day before the loved up couple. Remember to use the #hashtag they have supplied (if they have created one).

Remember too, they are paying for a professional photographer. We repeat… They are paying for a PROFESSIONAL photographer. Applaud them and throw confetti and love their way when they have been announced Husband and Wife! Don’t throw up your phones and capture what will most likely become a blurry photo when Aunty Shauna jumps up with joy and knocks your Champas and Focus!

Here are some handy things to remember:

  • Don’t post it if you’re unsure. It’s simple. You’re an adult now. Don’t steal away from the Bride and Groom their right to share to the world their special day and love. It’s not a competition and not your wedding day.
  • Witness. Experience. Be in the moment. You’re not Richie Benaud so definitely don’t commentate every small happening and constantly shove phones in people’s faces and then surprise them and say it’s a video and laugh thinking that joke has never been done. Two words: Professional Videographer… You don’t want to get into a fisticuffs fight with Uncle Benny who’s had a few too many toasts when he finds out it was actually a video.
  • No bathroom selfies. In general and at a wedding. Unless the bathroom is like one of those 10 Star hotels where you can’t make out which perfume to use whilst someone else washes your hands or you sadly come to the realisation that the toilet paper is more deluxe than your own bed sheets at home.
  • We get it… your new camera has a really cool feature that let’s you use touch screen to focus. Put it down… let the photographers to their work, grab a wooblie and hit the dance floor. Lark are on. x