Conquering your COVID lockdown with MUSIC

Conquering your COVID lockdown with MUSIC

August 4, 2020

This is certainly the hardest year of our lives. Our amazing live music and wedding/corporate entertainment industry has suffered, and will continue to suffer immensely due to the ongoing pandemic and resulting restrictions put in place by Government and Chief Health officials. We are certainly frustrated by the situation, yet know that doing the simple and right  things during this pandemic can help us all get to the otherside quicker, with less economic pain and most importantly lower suffering and loss of lives.

For those who were in the process of planning a wedding or special event before the pandemic hit and are unsure if continuing that planning is necessary, we say yes! Continue planning. We all need some hope, some light at the end of the tunnel and if that comes in the form of focusing on those special future moments, then definitely do it.

You choosing to continue that planning process with booking important things, like music, not only helps you, but it continues to give us hope. Hope that we can work together to get to that day of pure celebration and put these dark days behind us!

That is why we’ve put in place the below to provide those considering booking with confidence in securing one of LARK’s live band, acoustic music or live DJ options;

  • If you make a booking with LARK and your date becomes directly affected by restrictions put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can reschedule or postpone your date with us for FREE! That means NO rescheduling fee charged and any payments made will be safely transferred IN FULL to your new date.
  • We’ve also lowered our deposit amount for securing a booking with us from 40% down to 25% to make it easier financially to secure great music for your date.
  • We have been offering monthly specials for bookings made during corresponding months. Check out our instagram and facebook pages for further info on what’s currently available.

We wish you all the best health & happiness during these difficult times.

The LARK MUSIC family.